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Looking for a fun way to spend your evening? Look no further than West Lanes Bowlatorium, where you’ll find classic bowling. Whether you’re looking to strike it big with friends or compete in a competitive league, West Lanes has everything you need for striking up a good time.

Our Story

Pirruccello Family

The Pirruccello family established a bowling alley in Omaha, Nebraska on September 1st, 1955 after immigrating from Carlentini, Italy. At the time, bowling was extremely popular and five other bowling alleys also opened that year in Omaha. Anthony Pirruccello, who came to the United States at a young age through Ellis Island in New York City, did not speak English initially. He traveled to Wichita, KS where he took business classes and learned English. Eventually, he settled in Omaha and began selling fruit in the old market area. It was there that he met Nellie, a native of Omaha whose parents had immigrated many years before.

Anthony and Nellie got married and their first business venture was the Pirruccello Lounge next to the Blackstone Hotel, where they served drinks. They then partnered with another Omaha local and started the 40 Bowl. Later, Anthony parted ways with the 40 bowl and struck out on his own.  Purchasing the 72nd Dodge/Cass lot, which he developed into West Lanes. The family lived above the bowling alley with their three children: Sam, Mary Ann, and Connie. Over the course of 25 years, they worked tirelessly to build West Lanes into a successful business with excellent bowling lanes.

In 1980, after running the business for a quarter of a century, Anthony and Nellie decided to retire and sold West Lanes. The bowling alley remained out of the family name for 31 years until 2011 when Anthony and Nellie’s grandchildren and son-in-law, Michael, Stephanie, Kim, and Ray (son-in-law), reopened it in August of that year. They have since worked to build on the original legacy of their grandparents and continue to operate West Lanes to this day. The West Lanes Story is the American Dream.


– Michael Pirruccello 2023

Food & Drinks

thirsty bowler?

Experience the ultimate bowling adventure at West Lanes, home of the legendary Blue Magoo. Unwind with a wide selection of premium cocktails and draft beers available at our fully-stocked bar, guaranteed to satisfy your thirst and enhance your overall bowling experience.


Be the best

Compete to be the best, try your bowling skills here at West Lanes. Win cash prizes & accolades!